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Sir Thomas Abney Primary School

Children's Leadership Opportunities

At Sir Thomas Abney, we know that children have many views and creative ideas for making school life the best it can be. All children are encouraged to take part in developing their leadership skills by volunteering or taking responsibility in a variety of different ways. 

What are the benefits of this?

  • We know that when children feel listened to, they feel motivated and empowered to speak out.
  • Children’s views and positive contributions actively drive school improvements.
  • Children develop their communication skills - with both adults and their peers.
  • Children can develop their leadership skills - which will be valuable throughout their lives.
  • Children learn that they can influence and shape the world in which they live - and can become ‘active citizens'.
  • Children can develop a sense of pride and belonging in their school.


School Council: 

This is a group of children who volunteer their time to generate and express ideas for change; working with other children and staff to improve a range of things around the school. These areas include:

  • Curriculum and resource ideas
  • Recycling improvements
  • Playground provision and space
  • School lunches and menus
  • Breakfast for children
  • School pets

The School Council meet weekly to discuss progress and ideas. Smaller groups of children then also meet with key members of staff to find out about changes they can make. All children are welcome to attend the School Council meetings: they are open to anyone and everyone with an idea or passion to make things happen! 

Reading Champions: 

Our Reading Ambassadors work with staff and children to find new, exciting books to read and to stock in our school library. They also:

  • Speak to children from other schools in Hackney to share ideas and book titles.
  • Attend reading forums with children from other schools.
  • Work alongside the Literacy Subject Leader and a panel of staff who regularly review new children’s books.
  • Share ideas on how to improve the school library and classroom book corners.

Agents for Change:

Our Agents for Change are a group of children in Year 5 who work with children and staff in raising awareness about anti-bullying. They have had specific training from EqualiTeach on identity-based bullying and the effects this might have on others. They also:

  • Speak to children in the playground and assemblies about anti-bullying and what to do if they or someone they know might be being bullied.
  • Help to monitor reports of bullying across the school.
  • Produce posters and videos for children giving them information on anti-bullying.
  • Help to include child-friendly ideas and advice in school policies.

The Agents for Change wear high-visibility blue vests at playtimes so that other children can identify them if needed.

Eco Champions: 

Our EcoChampions are a group of children who monitor and encourage staff, children, families and visitors to recycle and be more sustainable. They raise awareness through assemblies, poster campaigns and speaking to staff and children across the school. 

Other Pupil Voice and Feedback Opportunities:  

Children are regularly asked to give their feedback about a range of curriculum subjects as part of subject leader surveys in order to help to shape school curriculum improvements. All children are also invited to take part in regular wellbeing surveys in order to inform the school’s wellbeing provision.