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Sir Thomas Abney Primary School


Children are naturally curious and here at Sir Thomas Abney we strive to nurture this curiosity.  We aim to make science interesting, practical and challenging to promote and encourage each child’s curiosity and investigative skills.

During our science sessions we will:

  • Develop a spirit of enquiry by encouraging curiosity and reasoning skills
  • Introduce children to the world of living things, materials and energy
  • Develop skills of observation, prediction, interpretation and recording
  • Encourage children to work collaboratively and co-operatively as well as independently in their pursuit of further knowledge and understanding

Throughout the year children will be exposed to the following topics according to their year.

Year 1

Seasonal Changes

Everyday materials (describing properties)

Animals including humans (basic knowledge of parts of human body and comparing animals)

Plants (basic structure)

Year 2

Use of everyday materials (explore and compare material for uses)

Plants (what plants need to grow)#Animals including humans (needs for survival, food and hygiene)

Living things and their habitats (explore a variety of habitats, simple food chains)

Year 3

Forces and magnets (magnetic materials, attracting and repelling)

Plants (life cycles)

Animals including humans (nutrition, skeleton and muscles)

Rocks (fossils and soils)

Light (reflection and shadows)

Year 4

Living things and their habitats (classification keys)

Animals including humans (digestive system, teeth and food chains)

States of matter (changes of state, evaporation and condensation)

Sound (vibration, pitch and volume)

Electricity (simple circuits, insulators and conductors)

Year 5

Living things and their habitats (life cycles and reproduction in humans and plants)

Animals including humans (human development from birth to old age)

Properties and changing materials (dissolving, separating materials, reversible and irreversible changes)

Forces (gravity, air resistance, water resistance, friction)

Earth and Space (Earth, Sun and Moon, the solar system)

Year 6

Light (how it travels, how we see, shadow)

Animals including humans (circulatory system, diet and exercise, healthy living)

Living things and their habitat (classification, characteristics of plants and animal groups)

Electricity (voltage and power in circuits, circuit components, symbols and diagrams)

Evolution and inheritance (how living things have changed over time, fossils, dinosaurs, adaptation to environment)


Curriculum Overview 2022-23

Science Overview with Key Areas 2022-23

Science Skills & Symbols